The Making of Inoxia Mag: A Look at Nashville's Underground/DIY Music Scene

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Loveless, Megan
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Nashville, Tennessee is brimming with the most talented musicians found anywhere in the world. Known as “Music City,” it is no surprise that there are a multitude of shows happening every night of the week of all different genres. Nashville is not just singer-songwriters and honky tonks. The underground DIY music scene in Nashville is alive and well built up of some of the best punk, hardcore, psychedelic, dream pop, indie rock bands, etc., found anywhere. This scene is built on the passion of venue owners, promoters, bands, artists, that use any resources they have to create spaces, records, and shows. Inoxia Mag highlights the music and the people that make up the Nashville DIY scene through interviews, photos, show coverage, and more.
live music, Nashville music, magazine publishing