Exploring Effectiveness of Images in Media and their Ability to Capture Attention and Engage Consumers about Climate Change

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Seaton, Destiny
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
To raise awareness of climate change, the media must become masters at engaging consumers with MCCC [media communication about climate change] and ensure the images shared induce feelings of saliency (importance of climate change) and self-efficacy (feeling like personal actions will affect climate change). To make positive changes within the environment, the public has to be made aware of how their votes can help create pro-environmental policies and their lifestyle choices can be an effective force against climate change. This research provides an overview of existing research on MCCC, including journalistic practices and the use of images. It has been found that images attached to stories about climate change can determine if a story captures attention and if it will have a lasting impact on the consumer.
climate change, journalism, images, photos, media, communication, global warming