RC You Later: Development of a Remote-Controlled Hovercraft with First-Person View Capabilities

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Wade, Jackson
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This paper follows the journey of the user interface subsystem for a remote-controlled hovercraft with first-person view capabilities. The interface includes a controller, goggles, and micro-camera. I established the subsystem within senior design and individually progressed the subsystem with the inclusion of a head tracker to provide a new operator experience. The head tracker allows the user to maneuver the camera through natural head movements on the pitch and yaw axis. Head tracking is a relatively new technology that introduces new means of control. The application of such technology is endless, from assistive technology to gaming or to the battlefield. The project’s purpose is to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned to design and create a complex component of a mechatronic system while exploring the application of technology. The design, testing and analysis, and lessons learned are discussed to describe the growth of the project as well as myself.